Energy and Environment Systems

Precise Engineering design and implement quality solutions for energy consuming customers, environment affecting facilities, and industries where process engineering is required.

From energy surveys, through conceptual design and up to a full turnkey solution, our solutions take into account the entire set of engineering requirements. We provide comprehensive solutions specifically tailored for our customers covering complete production facilities and plants as well as components and sub systems.

Precise Engineering extensive energy and environment solutions include:

  • Renewable Energy Generation for industries, hotels, campuses and other considerable power consuming entities.
    • Independent power generation solutions, utilizing natural gas and bio gas
    • CHP – Combined Heat & Power generation
    • Waste Heat reuse
    • Thermo-Solar systems
  • Environmental Control Applications
    • Industrial pollution control for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Print and Plastic industries
    • Sewage and sludge treatment for Sewage Treatment institutions, Dairies and other food industries

Our solutions utilize a broad range of advanced subsystems:

  • Micro-turbines utilizing natural gas and bio gas
  • Heat pumps, solar vacuum tubes, inductive heating
  • Steam generators, Steam & Condensed systems
  • HVAC– Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
  • Incinerators & pollution control– Thermal Oxidation, for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) treatment: Regenerative (RTO) and Recuperative Thermal oxidizers.
  • Adsorption systems for VOC control incorporate molecular sieve - Active Carbon, Polymers, Zeolite.
  • Dryers - Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Air
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