Design Services for Energy and Environment Systems

We, at Precise Engineering, believe that successful projects start in preliminary thorough design, at the earliest possible stage.

The long term benefits of an excellent design are clearly seen in the total cost of ownership:

  • Enhanced  reliability
  • Better functionality
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs and efforts

Precise Engineering vast experience and multi disciplinary know-how ensures high quality design deliverables and reports. These deliverables are crucial milestones on the way to quality implementation, validation, commissioning and maintenance.  Our system level capabilities are based on deep understanding of process engineering, worldwide methodologies and environmental requirements. Precise Engineering extensive know-how is based on:

  • Experienced and creative system level and site level integration team
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering team: Electrical and control, Mechanical, Industrial, Process, Regulatory and Energy
  • Comprehensive knowledge in process and regulations
  • Cutting edge design process
  • State of the art, validated design infrastructure, including computational as well as graphical tools and libraries

 Preliminary Design

The preliminary design is a crucial stage, where all the project aspects and considerations are integrated into project Requirements.

  • ENERGY_SERVICES_DESIGN_pic1Conceptual and functional design that realize the customer vision and wishes into a set of requirements.
  • A thorough survey that includes its location, structure, conditions and restrictions, ensuring the requirements feasibility
  • Requirements definition, taking into account all aspects, as well as  cross-disciplinary issues, while combining  systems level integration view to ensure a successful project, and long term satisfaction from the outcomes.

Detailed Design

The purpose of the detailed design is to optimally address the requirements challenges, resulting in a long term reliable, functional and economical product.


Precise Engineering utilizes state-of-the-art, validated design infrastructure, including computational as well as graphical tools and libraries, to assure the optimal design. These include 3D Modeling, super position and imaging capabilities.

Having multiple design and engineering disciplines and functions under the same roof further assist us to eliminate cross-domain slips and design errors.

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