ENERGY_HOVERCART_pic1Developed by Precise Engineering, Hovercart® is an innovative, easy to use, and cost-effective tool for moving heavy loads (250Kg to 10 Tons) within and around modern production floors.

The Hovercart® core technology is based on a controlled air stream, which literally floats the load on a frictionless layer of air.

The system is controlled by a small computerized control system, which dynamically balances changes in floor conditions at variable loads,.

Hovercart® Main Advantages

  • A cost effective solution
  • Minimizing the operating staff. A single operator is able to accurately move and position loads of up to 10,000Kg.
  • An excellent maneuverability – zero meter turning radius
  • Safe solution, which does not require an operating license  from federal authorities
  • Vibration-less movement
  • Clean and quite application
  • Compact - does not occupy floor area beyond the load geometry
  • A stand alone system, that can operate without an external energy source

 Each Hovercart® is designed according to the specific customer’s requirements and constraints.

Design by: Studio Dalia Inbar  Developed by: Digital Guru