Quality Engineering for Clean, Vital and Critical Systems

Precise Engineering is an expert in quality design and implementation of clean rooms, labs and production areas, as well as other highly regulated facilities requiring a clean, controlled and isolated environment.

Precise Engineering provides creative and innovative solutions, addressing the unique requirements and constraints of the Life Science, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Nano Technology, Medical Devices (invasive and non-invasive), Food, Defense & Aerospace, Optics, LASERS, Digital Print and Semiconductors industries.

From conceptual design to a full turnkey solution, Precise Engineering services incorporate: design, implementation, validation and commissioning, management and supervision of critical systems, including:

  • Pharmaceutical production facilities
  • Biotechnological production facilities
  • Medical centers and surgury/operation rooms
  • Clean rooms with ISO 14644 compliance - ISO3 to ISO9
  • Animal rooms and Fish rooms
  • Stability rooms
  • Greenhouse for Transgenic plants
  • Controlled rooms and laboratories, including control of temperature, humidity, pressure, mechanical shocks and acoustic noise
  • Data centers and computer rooms

Precise Engineering's high quality design & execution solutions include:

Design by: Studio Dalia Inbar  Developed by: Digital Guru