Precise Engineering provides high quality design and implementation for clean fabrication industries, such as Life Science, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Food, Nano Technology, Defense & Aerospace, Medical centers, Optics, LASERS, Digital Print and Semiconductors.

Precise Engineering offers vast regulatory knowhow and relevant experience in providing comprehensive, large scale, solutions, from the first stages of the project definition and the initial plans, through the implementation, validation and commissioning of complete research and production plants.

Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharma, Medical Devices and Food

With countless projects for industry leaders and emerging companies, Precise Engineering provides the best quality solutions specifically tailored for your requirements.

As such, our broad track record includes:

  • Complete invasive medical devices complexes
  • Dry and liquid pharmaceutical production plants
  • Biopharmaceutical production, manipulation, purification and resolution of stem cells, proteins, peptides, etc.
  • Clean rooms and other Sterile and Aseptic facilities with ISO 14644 compliance
  • Animal rooms and Fish rooms
  • Stability rooms
  • Growing facilities (indoor/greenhouses) for transgenic vegetation, medical cannabis, herbal medicines, tissue cultures, and alike
  • Controlled rooms and environments, including control of temperature, humidity, pressure, mechanical shocks and acoustic noise
  • Laboratories
  • Computer Rooms

Nano Technology

Precise Engineering's experience with projects for nano technology laboratories, plants and research centers, includes the entire design of nano‑technology complexes of any size:

  • Complete functional design
  • Total responsibility for the design including electromagnetic compliancy, mechanical, acoustic, climatic and environmental aspects
  • Requirements definition for the advanced scientific equipment

Defense and Aerospace

When innovative, unique and quality engineering solutions are required, Precise Engineering provides the essential experience, knowledge, creativity and resources.

We have the know-how in aerospace technologies, optics, LASERS, and assembly under severe clean requirements, as well as in compliancy with industry standards such as ISO-14644 and MIL-STD 1246.

Medical Centers

From a single operation room, to a complete medical center, including all vital and critical systems, administrative areas and interior design, Precise Engineering provides the necessary experience and competence to address the demanding requirements.

We provide full compliancy with the Ministry of Health’s requirements, and with the industry standards such as E-01, AC-01 and G-01.

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