Precise Engineering offers tailored applets to automate manual and routine work processes, and to perform tasks that require complex calculations.

The applets are suitable for existing MS-Office environment, and embedded in Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and MS‑Outlook applications.

The applets are custom tailored for the customer work processes and needs and combine our engineering know-how and are based on our over 20 years of experience in building such applets for both our internal needs and for external customers.

The applets, implemented in a short time, are suitable for a wide range of users and tasks, such as:

  • Laboratory data collection and analysis.
  • Automatic production of reports, embedding in presentations, and distribution to a pre-defined distribution list.
  • Supervision and control of routine operational processes in production lines that require data analysis of raw materials, bottlenecks, waste and finished goods.
  • Financial calculations that are currently performed in a large number if excel sheets or based on various and different data sources.
  • Dedicated tailored calculation applets, including What-If scenarios.

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