From conceptual design to a full turnkey solution, Precise Engineering’s creative and innovative solutions include quality design, implementation, validation and commissioning of:

  • Clean rooms with ISO 14644 compliance
  • Laboratories and production facilities
  • Animal rooms and Fish rooms
  • Stability rooms
  • Greenhouses for transgenic plants
  • Controlled rooms and laboratories, including control of temperature, humidity, pressure, mechanical shocks & vibrations, EMC, ESD and acoustic noise
  • Medical centers and operation rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Other highly regulated facilities requiring a clean, controlled and isolated environment


Our high quality design & execution solutions include:

Precise Engineering solutions are targeted for the Life Science, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Herbal Medicines Nano Technology, Medical Devices, Food, Defense & Aerospace, Optics, LASERS, Digital Print and Semiconductors industries.


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