Precise Engineering is geared to provide custom designs, tailored for the customer requirements.

An example for such tailored design are sensitive powders handling facilities, including drying. griding and mixing on one hand, and the Hovercart®, developed for a customer tailored for their needs.




Hovercart® - industrial hovercraft

Developed by Precise Engineering, Hovercart® is an innovative, easy to use, and cost-effective tool for moving heavy loads (250Kg to 10 Tons) within and around modern production floors.

The Hovercart® core technology is based on a controlled air stream, which literally floats the load on a frictionless layer of air.

The system is controlled by a small computerized control system, which dynamically balances changes in floor conditions at variable loads.


Hovercart® Main Advantages

  • A cost effective solution
  • Minimizing the operating staff. A single operator is able to accurately move and position loads of up to 10,000Kg.
  • An excellent maneuverability – zero meter turning radius
  • Safe solution, which does not require an operating license  from federal authorities
  • Vibration-less movement
  • Clean and quite application
  • Compact - does not occupy floor area beyond the load geometry
  • A stand alone system, that can operate without an external energy source

 Each Hovercart® is designed according to the specific customer’s requirements and constraints.

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