Precise Engineering designs and implements quality renewable energy generation solutions.

Our solutions dramatically reduce energy generation costs, utilizing various advanced technologies, including:

  • Plant's Energy centers (Chillers, Industrial steam boilers and compressed air production systems)
  • Small to medium power generation stations up to 10MW. including their fuel systems
  • Combined Cooling, Heating & Power generation (CHP and CCHP)
  • Waste Heat reuse (WHG)
  • Thermo-Solar systems

From energy surveys, through conceptual design and up to a full turnkey solution, our solutions take into account the entire set of engineering and economical requirements, specifically tailored for our customers.

Combined Cooling, Heat & Power Generation (CHP and CCHP)

When generating power using micro-turbines, cooling and heating are enabled at minimal additional effort.

Our technology and unique design uses the by-products of power generation heat for providing air-conditioning, heating, hot and cold water, resulting in a further increase in efficiency and cost savings.

Waste Heat Reuse (WHG)

Heat generating plants can benefit from our technology, to convert waste heat energy into usable power.

Furthermore, reusing the excess heat to generate electric power saves the need for heat disposal and plant equipment cooling.

Thermo Solar Mechanisms and Systems

Our design capabilities and experience with complex thermo solar systems enable us to offer cost effective solutions.

Our solutions include mixed energy sources for optimal efficiency and techno economical solution, using thermo solar mechanisms and other technologies, such as solar vacuum tubes, heat pumps, induction and pressure vessels design according to ASME BPVC SEC VIII DIV 1, operated by a local processor.

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