Precise Engineering has many years of proven experience in design of complex fuel systems.

  • Complete Jet Fuel systems for airports, with redundancy for emergency, including:
    • Fueling and unloading systems
    • Underground (fully compliant with UL-58), aboveground (fully compliant with UL-142) fuel tanks, with redundancy for emergency
    • Feeding piping
    • Reception stations
    • Pumping systems
    • Filtering
    • Hydrants and pits
  • Complete fuel systems for naval ports and docks, including fuel, oils, water and compressed air facilities and sub‑systems, with redundancy for emergency.
  • Underground and aboveground daily and weekly tanks for redundancy and emergency.
  • Complete fuel systems for power generators up to 10MW, with daily and weekly tanks.
  • Monitor and Control systems (SCADA).

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