Precise Engineering provides world class quality services for process and fluid dynamics engineering.

Our solutions are suitable for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotechnological, Food, Print and other industries, and include:

  • Reactors, with temperature, pressure, density and process time control
  • Agitators and mixing vessels, with dosage, concentration and flow control
  • Transport mechanisms for high viscosity of various fluids
  • Automated control systems, and electrical auxiliaries' facilities
  • Powders handling, including: pneumatic transportation systems, feeding, sieving, jet milling, dust collecting and dust filtration

 Our analysis, design and implementation services include:

  • Pressure drop calculations
  • Optimization between transportation system (pumps, compressor etc.) and transmission means (e.g. piping, ducts)
  • Matching the proper building materials to the process

Automated control systems

As part of the solution we offer PLC based control solutions with HMI control.

It integrates sensors and all complementary elements, devices and accessories providing a comprehensive and reliable process.

The control system is customized according to the customer’s requirements, allowing the site operator to easily monitor, navigate and control the process and assure compliancy with the requirements.

It is designed, verified and delivered within accordance to the GAMP (Good Automatic Manufacturing Practice).

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